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Rise Of The Ronin Gives Us Some Gameplay So We Can Forge Our Fate

Rise Of The Ronin Gives Us Some Gameplay So We Can Forge Our Fate

Rise Of The Ronin

New gameplay for Rise Of The Ronin is here to give us all a better feel for how our ronin will forge their fate in the game

It is now time to dive into another title that has had a whole lot of hype in the mass of the community with Rise Of The Ronin. A new title on the way from Team Ninja that will be taking us back to the way everyone imagines the war-torn lands of Japan back in the early 19th century. All for us to take on the role of the titular ronin of the game so we can try to influence the outcome of the Boshin war and maybe save a few people along the way. All while getting some other bits of gameplay that most would not expect to see in this title. Get ready to dive into it all and then wait for the game to drop on the PS5 on March 22nd now.

In this new gameplay for Rise Of The Ronin, we get a quick overview of the story and then get to see a few of the elements we will get to explore in the game. Things like traversal and gliding about the game world and cities. A mix of combat that will have us focusing on breaking our opponent’s stances or sneaking up on them to get a few easy shots in before the rest of the fight. All to led to our ronin getting access to other gadgets and gear that would have been present during the time but not normally considered to be used. Like guns and flamethrowers. All fitting for the time period and not thrown in just to add some extra fun to the game. Have a look and see just what is on the way to us in the game as of now.

Rise Of The Ronin — Gameplay Overview

Forge Your Fate

Team Ninja Game Director — Fumihiko Yasuda dives into exclusive Rise Of The Ronin gameplay, captured on PS5.

Available March 22, 2024, only on PS5!

I have to say, Rise Of The Ronin is giving me a whole lot of those Assassin’s Creed vibes when I look at all of this gameplay. Not just in the traversal and sneaking aspects, but also in the way of the combat as well as finding a specific inventor to give us the extra gear to head out into the world again. None of this is a bad thing since the other titles have lost some of the luster again, but not exactly what I was expecting for Rise Of The Ronin at this point. Even when it comes to the strike, riposte, and strike style of combat we have to see here. I just hope that all of the extra time that the team has had for the game is going to make it a shining light and not one that feels like it is just burning to keep burning.

Are you overly hyped up to play as this ronin in the game or do you think it feels too close to another title to get overly excited as of now? Do you like that they are mixing in elements that are not traditionally depicted in the setting or time period with the rest of the media out there? Are you just so hard up on the culture that you do not care about any of that and just want a good ninja or samurai game in the mix of the world right now? Take all of those thoughts down to the comment section and then feel free to discuss it all. There is more to come for Rise Of The Ronin, I am sure, so please keep on coming back here to see and hear about all of that as it flows out there. I am sure it will be a fun ride up to the end.

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