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Rumor Has It That We Will Be Seeing The Order: 1886 Gameplay Today

Rumor Has It That We Will Be Seeing The Order: 1886 Gameplay Today

The Order: 1886

PlayStation is hosting a livestream today to show off gameplay of an upcoming PS4 title. Rumor has it that game is The Order: 1886.

If you are readying this before 1pm PST on May 23rd 2014 then you still have time to prep before the possible new gameplay for The Order: 1886. If you are reading this after then you will have to travel back in time via the video below and see if the rumors were true. Or you already know the truth and are just here to see what you may have missed. No matter the case, it looks like Sony PlayStation is showing off some new gameplay footage for ‘an upcoming PS4 title’ via their Twitch stream. As I said before, rumor has it that it will be in-game footage for The Order: 1886 but as of this writing it is only speculate.

Why can it not be confirmed as of yet? That for those reading before the time line. Well nothing has been stated as to what will be shown outside of the watermarked image on the splash screen for the stream. The logo there does match that of The Order: 1886 but since there has been no definite statement as of yet we can just assume. So assume we shall.

It does make perfect sense for it to be The Order: 1886 but we could be getting faked out so Sony can keep its big showings for E3 and not blow their load before the show even happens. The Order: 1886 has been fully announced so I guess it would be more of a blown load if it was in-game footage for the next Uncharted or a new God Of War. That would be best saved for the huge press event on June 9th wouldn’t it?

None the less, as of this posting we are still only speculating on what will be shown here. If it is something other than The Order: 1886 there should be an UPDATED section above explaining for all of those who didn’t want to sit back and wait when everything was set to air. If there is no UPDATED section and you are late to the party then go ahead and watch the re-broadcast of The Order: 1886 gameplay footage below.