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See How The Order: 1886 Is Melding History With Mythology

See How The Order: 1886 Is Melding History With Mythology

The Order: 1886

Ready At Dawn Has Released A Developer Diary Showing How The Mythology Of The Order: 1886 Has Blended With Real History.

Last week we got a look at some of the gameplay for The Order: 1886. This week, we get a behind the scenes look at how Ready At Dawn approached the lore and world of the game. A lot of which is all inspired by the real world locations and history with a twist to make the game epic as well as feel grounded in the real world. That sounds a bit odd but it also follows many other game story development when it comes to titles that parallel the real.

If none of that is making any sense then let me have the guys from Ready At Dawn explain what I am trying to for The Order: 1886. If you take your gaze slightly lower you will see a new developer diary with the team explaining how they meld history with their new mythology. Have a look.

So in the end it is like a bit more of a modern-ish Knight Of The Round Table kind of story it would seem. That is what I was assuming given the original teaser trailer (you can see it spliced into this video) as well as all of the other tidbits I have seen or heard thus far. That is not my favorite brand of mythology but it looks like it is going to work well for The Order: 1886 though. Also, hopefully it will get all those fans of Celtic Mythology something to pine over as much as I do the God Of War franchise.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited for The Order: 1886 even though it is not my preferred cup of mead. If anything it looks like Ready At Dawn is pushing the PS4 to its first set of limits with the gameplay we have seen. For that I will endure most anything as it is what we need in the gaming industry. I just wish we didn’t have to wait until 2015 to get it in the case of The Order: 1886. Yea, that is the new release window that has finally been set.

Keep an eye here for all things The Order: 1886 as we will be sure to update as we get new information. With this being one of the big titles Sony is pushing at E3 expect there to be a whole lot more in the coming weeks.