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This Week In Gaming 5/27/14 — 5/30/14

This Week In Gaming 5/27/14 — 5/30/14

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Gaming.

As we are heading into E3 here it is surprising how many game announcements or updates in the world of gaming there have been. Even with the short week here in the States it has been crazy busy in terms of keeping up with everything going on. Are the developers or publishers keeping anything hidden for the convention coming up here? If they are not keeping the gaming announcements quiet then I hope that means more on the floor to actually play. A god can hope right?

Anyways, that is not why you are here right now. You are here to get the quick rundown on what we covered in the world of gaming. Things like the announcement of Battlecry and Mortal Kombat X. Or maybe the first 50 minutes of Murdered: Soul Suspect may be tickling your fancy. It could also be the plethora of zombie style games like Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare coming to PlayStation, The Walking Dead doing the same for PS4, or the new looks at The Evil Within. Anything like that? I hope so or you are wasting your time and giving us the so coveted web impressions that govern how cool the industry thinks we are. Hopefully not though.

None the less here is the list of everything that we covered in the gaming world this week. Keep coming back to stay up to date on everything. Also get involved by letting us know your thoughts and requests for coverage. Gaming is an interactive thing remember.

Happy gaming.

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