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Let Us Spoil The First 25 Minutes Of Murdered: Soul Suspect

Let Us Spoil The First 25 Minutes Of Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect

A new gameplay walk-through of Murdered: Soul Suspect has been released online showing off the first 25 minutes of the game.

If you are like me and can’t wait until next week to get a good look at Murdered: Soul Suspect then I have some good-ish news. If you hate spoilers and don’t want to see something that Airtight or Square Enix hasn’t shown us yet then you may want to pass on by as we have the first 25 minutes of the game here with story and gameplay spoilers. Yea, that is a good chunk of time in the game. I’ll let that soak in or let you click out if you need a bit more time or want to let the mystery be preserved for you.

Still here? Ok, here we go.

I’ll be honest here; most of what is shown here after the first 7 to ten minutes has already been shown in other demos or trailers. What is interesting is to see that the initial fall isn’t Ronan’s last step before true death. There is a whole section where you are in between death and life even though we all know that nothing can be done to stop Ronan’s ultimate demise in Murdered: Soul Suspect. If we could there wouldn’t be a game now would there be? Unless there is some kind of secret ending for surviving the initial kill. That would be a fun twist.

Now that you have had sufficient time to click out and not be spoiled I will leave you with the first 25 minutes of Murdered: Soul Suspect. Gods I can’t wait until June 3rd for this to come to my PS4. This is one of the titles I have been super amped for since announcement.