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Peek Behind The Shroud Of Murdered: Soul Suspect

Peek Behind The Shroud Of Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect

A new developer diary has been released for Murdered: Soul Suspect giving a bit of perspective on the dev’s ideas

Just in time to wrap up the PR train before launch, we have a new developer diary for Murdered: Soul Suspect. Part one of four if the YouTube descriptions are on par. This time around we still don’t get much more that hasn’t been discussed main times over in the past year. It could be that this is part one and the rest of the ideas that were used are still being saved until after launch but don’t expect to hear anything that a basic web search could give you for Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Don’t fret though, while there isn’t anything new in the way of behind the scenes for Murdered: Soul Suspect we do happen to have another 25 minute block of gameplay that picks up where the last bit left off. On top of that we also have a look at one of the player experiences that required VIP access to experience at PAX East. I only heard rumor about it but it looks like Airtight put on a great show for those select few brave enough to enter the world of Murdered: Soul Suspect.

It is kind of funny that they chose a horror kind of thing for the Murdered: Soul Suspect PAX experience but keep the focus every other time on the mystery to solve while downplaying the horror for the game. It is a ghost story in a ways but even in the following video the developers make it seem like the horror of the ghost world is second to the murder mystery. I’m not calling them out on anything here; it is just my observation and slight jealousy of not getting to experience it firsthand.

Only a few days from now until we get to see all the ins and outs for Murdered: Soul Suspect though. Do expect to see continued coverage of the game as we move forward as this has to be one of my more anticipated titles of the year. Hopefully you are just as excited as you spent time reading more about Murdered: Soul Suspect here.

Making Of Part 1

Next 25 minutes

Scaring PAX East Fans

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