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Run From A Massive Snake In The Recently Announced Digested

Run From A Massive Snake In The Recently Announced Digested


A new open-world title, Digested, has been announced that places you in a world where you might be Digested by a massive snake

Another body-cam horror title is on the way to us as we get the announcement for Digested. A new open-world game from Karel and DigiGhost Studios that will be taking us out of our homes and placing us in a world where there is a massive snake trying to eat us. All with the visualization that is all the craze right now by using the fish eye of a body cam to help sell the illusion that we are actually there. A fun new use for it all, but only time will tell if the rest of what Digested has to offer will lend into it all or just be another grab at the popular thing hitting the gaming market on the PC. This is something we will see in Q1 of this year with the current release schedule for the game.

While the base game for Digested sounds like it could be a fun experience, it does look like there is a bit more to it all than just running and hiding. Given that each time you play it is meant to be a short experience, there needs to be some randomness to keep things fresh. So there will be the random location spawning and all that. Along with the environment changing along the way as we try to find our extraction point in the game world so we can escape this snake. Not to mention that Digested will also give us random power-ups and other things to help us navigate our way to safety as well. So, there will be a lot more than just running and hiding than the following video shows us all.

Digested — Announcement

Digested is an open-world horror survival game in which you must evade a giant snake intent on eating you alive. Utilize various tools and abilities to formulate an escape strategy, and use the map to navigate through unfamiliar terrain. Locate your extraction pod and don’t get digested. 🐍

Digested is a short, intense, replayable horror survival game that thrusts you into a heart-pounding scenario: evade a relentless giant snake determined to consume you. The game sets you loose in an expansive, unpredictable environment, where your primary mission is to locate navigation points. These points are crucial, revealing the location of your extraction pod — your only means of escape. There will be no hand-holding or arrows to guide the way; only a map and a compass to navigate through the treacherous terrain.

As you uncover navigation points, you’ll gather various powerups, each offering a temporary advantage vital for outsmarting the serpent that stalks you. Moreover, each playthrough offers an entirely new experience. Starting locations, navigation points, powerups, and even the extraction pod location are randomized every time you play. Your strategy must adapt with each new game, challenging you to think on your feet, take calculated risks, and maintain focus.

Plan your actions carefully, navigate smartly, and whatever you do, don’t get digested.

I still can not put my finger on it for Digested, but this one feels like it is a title aiming for more of the hype around the style than anything more. While it does sound like a fun premise, it feels like it had such a short turnaround so far that things will feel bland and repetitive once we actually open it all up. Just like the other titles that are leaning into the body-cam horror. To make it feel truly new each time, Digested is also going to need to make sure the AI of the snake feels like a true threat and that we are being hunted. This is not something I feel from the trailer above but I could be looking for more in a “massive snake hunting me” horror game than I should at this point.

Do you feel like Digested is all hype with little substance at this point or could I just be that cynical right now? Do you think that this fad in gaming will lend well to this title or will it feel like a short title you play a few times and then never touch again? How robust do you think the snake AI will be or will it just follow our path and teleport to the best location to strike us? Take all of those thoughts down to the comment section to discuss it all. There should be more for Digested in the future; we will have it here when there is. Please keep on coming back to see and hear about all of that as soon as we can get it out there.

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