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Sand Land Is Ready To Drive Us Home With A Release Date Set

Sand Land Is Ready To Drive Us Home With A Release Date Set

Sand Land

The release date for Sand Land is now set for the fans of Sand Land to get those pre-orders rolling right on in

The wait is coming to an end for those who have been hyped up for Sand Land coming to the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. There is still a bit of a wait, but there is an end in sight with Bandai Namco finally offering up a solid release date for the game. More than just “Spring of 2024” at that, and with some new pre-order options along the way. Get ready to head out and explore the dunes of Sand Land this coming April 26th. As long as we do not have to see any of the dreaded delays pop up in the mix, that is. That is always a concern in our fun little industry and it usually leads to heartbreak of some kind along the way.

Now that we have the date, we can take a look at the latest trailer for Sand Land that also came along with this. A trailer that gives us more of the vehicle combat and various other events we will have to handle in the game, along with a look at areas that are not just vast sandy lands. Yes, it looks like Sand Land will have a few other biome types for us to explore and shoot up too. Nothing too outlandish with forests and prairies in the mix. Nice little things to break up the vast yellow and light oranges we have had quite a bit of in all of the other videos we have had for the game up to now.

Sand Land — Release Date

Get ready to go beyond! The story expands far beyond the sand dunes in the latest trailer. You’ll be joined on your quest for the Legendary Spring by the mysterious mechanic Ann, set to explore more than you may have bargained for. Pre-order Sand Land now, and play on April 26, 2024.

With each new video I see for Sand Land, I have more of a feeling that this is going to be a game for a specific type of fan out there and not for broad audiences. I say this as the trailer here feels like it is revealing characters that should be known, but for me, I have no clue about it. The premise and look of Sand Land has caught my eye, but I am not one for doing homework to get the basic experience for characters that I am sure many out there have a deep fondness for already. I might be wrong, but it does make me want to hold off on getting that fun little action figure pre-order for a game that I might play for an hour and then put right down.

Will you be filling your April with Sand Land now or will you need to hold off until the game drops in price after the release date? Do you like the other areas we are going to see or should the game have only been about the sand and dunes of the world as the title implies? Are you overly familiar with the characters of the IP and get all of the references or will this be fun for someone who has no prior knowledge of it all? Head into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we have to share with you for the game. We will have more for Sand Land very soon, so just keep on coming back here to see and hear about all of that in due time.

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