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Do These Screen Shots From The Order 1886 Impress You Still?

Do These Screen Shots From The Order 1886 Impress You Still?

The Order 1886

Check out the new screen shots and concept art for The Order 1886

It’s been a little bit since we had anything new from The Order 1886. Last I remember was a bit of gameplay out of Gamescom and before that the announcement at E3 so it’s high time we get something new to look at. I’d prefer a bit more on how the game mechanics work or at the very least some more on the game’s story, but I guess we’ll have to settle for some screen shots and some concept work for the protagonists of the game. Grasping at what we can so be just as glad as I am.

Alright, so from the looks of it, there isn’t too much more to glean from things. I am also not all that sure it is safe to even say that The Order 1886 looks all that ‘next gen’ anymore at that. Especially if you compare to Beyond: Two Souls for the PS3 and then inFAMOUS Second Son for the PS4. The Order 1886 looks like it is hitting the middle ground in terms of visuals and character design. I may be a bit critical right now, but we are on the cusp of the new console world so we should be blown away from the get go and this isn’t doing all that, yet.

We are still a bit out on the release of The Order 1886 and Ready At Dawn still has time to clean things up or even get some better visuals out to us to prove the game is up to standards. That is my hope at least. For all we know these could be from an alpha build specifically for snagging these shots and in turn the game play that we have been given already. If that is the case I know I look forward to seeing the next build of The Order 1886 in action. If not, I am not saying the game will crap but it just doesn’t look like it is completely ‘next gen’ for the PS4. Time will tell as always. Until then, here’s what we have until sometime in 2014.

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