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See All The Haunted House Jump Scares Of Bloodborne From Gamescom

See All The Haunted House Jump Scares Of Bloodborne From Gamescom


A new gameplay video for Bloodborne has been released and it shows off the combat and odd AI for the game

Just like the Wild Hunt gameplay I spoke about earlier, here we have the same treatment for Bloodborne from Gamescom. It may not be 37 minutes but it is a nice chunk of change that shows off all the gameplay for Bloodborne in action. As well as a bit on that Regain System that was talked about during the convention proper. It shows that and a bit more on what I touched upon when I saw the gameplay at E3 but we’ll get to that in a moment.

For now, have a good look at the gameplay of Bloodborne. It looks like From Software has their heads in the right place so far.

Ok, so did you see the same thing I did when I wrote about my E3 Impressions? What is it with all of the enemies just sitting around a corner waiting for you to pass so they can leap out at you? It feels just like a Haunted House in the real world when you see then attendant standing in the dark, you know they are going to lurch, then you step closer and they do. Is this how the AI is set up or am I missing something because we don’t have the full story for Bloodborne. By story I am talking game story. This could be how whatever is affecting the populace forces the creatures to act. It might not be.

I still have high hopes for Bloodborne given the weird set up of enemies in wait. I just hope that there is something done, fixed, or explained about it here soon. I am not sure how difficult Bloodborne will end up being if you can spot the enemy and they just kind of stand around waiting for you to kill them. Like some kind of Bit Part Demon that is there just to add to the overall kill count and blood pool of the game. There is still time for one of those options to crop up into existence but until then I’ll be cautiously excited.

I just don’t want Bloodborne‘s AI to be like Aliens: Colonial Marines is all I’m saying…

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