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See How Well You Will Be Able To Survive The Opening We Will Have With Scorn

See How Well You Will Be Able To Survive The Opening We Will Have With Scorn


The first eight minutes of Scorn is out here now with the prologue gameplay for Scorn to show off how it is going to start

Get ready to spoil the opening of Scorn here today, as we have a good chunk of the prologue gameplay we can expect to have when the game hits the PC and Xbox Series X|S on October 21st. Thankfully, it is not the full prologue for the game with Ebb Software looking to keep a good chunk of it hidden for the first playthrough. I am down for all of that since so many other titles will show most of these scenes and make the game a little boring from the start. Even if this all looks like the tutorials and how we gain our gear in Scorn more than anything. Nonetheless, we have a whole lot of new gameplay and environments to look for in the game. It is time to get overly excited to see more for the game now.

Before you think this is going to spoil too much of Scorn, though, it truly does not. It looks like our protagonist will be waking up in the weird location we knew was coming and then moving about to gain all of the new bio-gear that we have seen in all of the past videos too. All of which we will need to use to open all of the doors and operate all of the odd machinery around the world out there. There is a weird puzzle that seems to be happening early on in Scorn that will have us moving a twisted figure around the game’s world and then presumably trapping them so we can move on. It seems a little heartless, but maybe in the narrative of it all, it will make perfect sense and they deserve it all. Even if it is usually about us and not them in these kinds of titles out there. Have a look and see what is in store for us all soon-ish.

Scorn — Prologue Gameplay

Beware, as you take your first few steps into the world of Scorn. Developer Ebb Software and publisher Kepler Interactive revealed 8 minutes of new gameplay for the upcoming horror game that will leave players with auditory nightmares for years to come. Scorn squishes its way onto PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GoG) and Xbox Series X|S (day one with Xbox Game Pass) on Oct. 21.

In this introductory sequence, players are acquainted with the character they’ll be guiding through the bio-labyrinth. With no assistance, players will work their way into the bowels of the game’s world, equipping themselves with strange tools and solving a grotesque puzzle that only hints towards things to come…

In Scorn’s exploration of a surreal, nightmarish world, players will come to understand the character they’re guiding, if only slightly. Tasked with exploring Scorn’s hellscape, players must learn its rules and master its puzzles without any guidance or support, being left to fend for themselves in a totally immersive experience. By uncovering these secrets and gathering the strange bio-mechanical tools that seem to have been used by the civilization that previously called this world home, surviving might just be possible. Finding the truth, however, is an entirely different question.

What do you think about the starting gameplay for Scorn here and will it make even more sense when the final version of the game is out there? Will there be good reasons for doing what we do to the NPCs or will it always just be about our survival and no one else matters along the way? Is it interesting to see that none of the combat has been focused on at the start of the game and should we assume that will be coming later down the line instead? Tell us all of your thoughts on this and then more down in the comments. We will share everything we can with you for Scorn, so please keep checking in here for all of that and much, much more. I am sure you will not be let down by any of it.

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