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See The Many Faces Of Death In The Dying Light E3 Trailer

See The Many Faces Of Death In The Dying Light E3 Trailer

Dying Light

The E3 trailer for Dying Light has been released and it shows off a whole bunch of new zombies and ways to kill them

Let the flood of new gameplay trailers for E3 begin with Dying Light. Fitting given the flood of zombies that are shown to be chasing you or being killed by you in the all new gameplay trailer for the game. Do take notice that I said ‘all new’ as well. In fact I don’t think anything outside of the core mechanics of the gameplay have been reused to make this new trailer. You can’t really get around that at all unless Techland wanted to completely redo the entire game from the ground up.

Enough about all that though. Have a look at the new trailer for Dying Light. I’ll be back to break down the things that I saw after the video.

Was that a death by ripping out the spine? At least I would think it to be the spine unless Dying Light is giving us yet another twist on the zombie lore by ripping out a heart will put one down as well. Not sure why that is the one kill that I am focusing on here but all the rest were just as cool if still a bit of the standard fare when it comes to slaying the hordes of the undead barehanded. Not something I would personally recommend but any port in a storm I guess.

It is also interesting to see that there is also a makeshift grappling hook system to add to the freedom of movement gameplay in Dying Light. It kind of flew by in the trailer here but it looks like there will be a skill that will let you throw your knife, maybe any weapon, to anchor a rope to pull yourself out of a sticky situation quickly. Not sure how someone who should be a bit emaciated would have the strength to do it the way the animation shows but that’s me not suspending disbelief and trying to explain a mechanic that makes the game fun and not a real world sim.

Ever since Dying Light was announced I was excited to see and play the game. I loved the Dead Island games which proves that Techland has a good track record for me. I just wish I didn’t have to wait until February 2015 to get to experience the full Dying Light experience. At least you can rest assured that I will update you with all things Dying Light as they come out until then.