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See How Natural The Movement Of Dying Light Truly Is

See How Natural The Movement Of Dying Light Truly Is

Dying Light

A new developer diary for Dying Light has been released to lead into PAX Prime with and to show off the freedom of movement that the game allows for

It’s that time again to dig into the mechanics of another title and this time it is Dying Light‘s free movement and how it has evolved from the original design. Like for instance the fact that it was going to be simulated free movement at the beginning until the level design was too bogged down and still didn’t feel fully free. I bet you didn’t unless you jumped down to the Dying Light dev. diary slated for PAX Prime that was just released. That means you cheated and are pretending to be reading this fresh.

I digress again and now back on the topic of Dying Light and the freedom of movement gameplay.

Much like I joked about with Sunset Overdrive before, this dev. diary for Dying Light doesn’t really show us anything that hasn’t been crammed into our eyes before. I am glad that they made the change from just having specific items to simulate that you were a free runner in the game’s world to actually letting you be a free runner. I think if they would have kept that set up Dying Light wouldn’t be more than just a clone of the other titles that Techland worked on before. You know what I am saying here.

I am more curious to find out the story behind the “Night Modes” for the zombies in Dying Light now. Originally it sounded like there were just worse enemies lying in wait or the fact that it was night time made the undead harder to bypass. The above video makes it sound like they actually transform due to the fact that the sun has gone down. Maybe I just thought too much into everything I’ve heard about Dying Light so far to look past this concept. Hopefully there will be more on this during or just after PAX Prime wraps up.

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