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Looks Like The BS Meter Is Brought Out For Sunset Overdrive

Looks Like The BS Meter Is Brought Out For Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive

We get another fun look behind the scenes of Sunset Overdrive and learn nothing we didn’t already know about the game

If you are looking for more news and information on Sunset Overdrive then you have come to the right place. Unfortunately we don’t have anything as of right now. That is at least if you don’t care about hearing the same descriptions of Sunset Overdrive over and over from Insomniac Games and the whole press crew trying to pimp out the title. You would think for another of those Xbox One exclusive titles they would be flooding the market with news and awesomeness for the game but it looks like all we are getting is a whole bunch more to let the BS Meter go off with an annoying buzz again.

Just a bit lower you can see the latest “behind the scenes” video for Sunset Overdrive. It does about nothing for anyone who is excited for Sunset Overdrive to launch in a few months but a whole lot for someone who has yet to hear of the title. Okay, well not really. Looks like the BS Meter got me there too. Have a watch for yourself and see what you think of the latest piece of promotion.

So this is a lot less “behind the scenes” and more “recap” for anyone living in the sewers and not friends of Donatello and Michelangelo. Shouldn’t behind the scenes videos show off a bit on what has gone into the game to make it awesome? This is just a “this is why it is awesome” video with no real look at anything but an epic beard. Maybe I am missing something but anyone who has even heard of Sunset Overdrive knows all of the stuff that was just shoved down our eye holes. Where is all of the new content or actual behind the scenes humans? I enjoy seeing how a game is made as well as blasting through them in my cave.

In the end, in case you forgot, Sunset Overdrive is coming out on October 28th exclusively for the Xbox One. You get to run around and shoot things in a fast paced open world filled with mutants created from the latest energy drink. There is multiplayer with up to eight people and you have crazy character customization. Now that we’ve had that reiterated for the umpteenth time can we get a fresh look at Sunset Overdrive now? Please?