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See How WWE 2K15 Is Coming Together

See How WWE 2K15 Is Coming Together

WWE 2K15

2K Games has released a slew of trailers in the past few weeks in anticipation for the release of WWE 2K15

In part one of the making of the WWE 2K15 videos 2K details how they integrated the acclaimed scanning technology from the NBA games into WWE 2K15. The video also features some WWE superstars doing mo-cap for the game including wrestling moves and facial expressions. It looks like Visual Concepts is taking great strides to innovate on the already successful formula.

2K also released the first two entrance videos for WWE 2K15. You can check out how Randy Orton and Goldust enter the ring in WWE 2K15 below. If you want to check out more information such as the roster so far see my “Everything You Need To Know About WWE 2K15 article. WWE 2K15 is still slated for a release date of October 28th for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One

Randy Orton Entrance



Goldust Entrance


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