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Could We Be Seeing A Remake Of The Original Metal Gear Games?

Could We Be Seeing A Remake Of The Original Metal Gear Games?

Metal Gear

An interview question gets Hideo Kojima talking about remakes of the early Metal Gear franchise.

In a recent interview on Twitch Hideo Kojima talked for a whole hour. Some stuff we already knew but a fan question made the future seem even brighter. While it would probably be very far off into the future it still makes my heart beat with glee. The only hope we have is that Kojima said he would like to remake the first two Metal Gear games. He also said when asked about DLC for Ground Zeroes that it would only push The Phantom Pain back further. Yet another indication that if these games may be planned but they are still very far off into the future.

Personally I think having it would be cool to see every Metal Gear game be re-released on the Fox Engine. Unlike Star Wars, I am sure Kojima would not drastically change anything except the graphics of the games, leaving the big cinematic feel as well as the challenge the earlier games presented. He said he would like to clear up some of the story discrepancies with the first two games. Due to the limited hardware of the time I am sure he was unable to include everything he would have liked. So if you don’t like more story behind the lore then you may not like that. Who am I kidding though, having more lore just enhances the deep thrills when a shocking reveals that have happened in Metal Gear games. A big plus is that I am sure many Metal Gear fans have not played the originals. They may have started with Metal Gear Solid and went from there. For them, being able to go back and play through those crucial parts of the story to better understand Metal Gear Solid seems like a very important thing.

I don’t think a simple HD-ifying of the graphics would work in today’s video game market though. Especially since the past couple of games have been so beautiful and pushed the limits of graphics. If we did just see glossed over sprite graphics I think it would feel like a cheap novelty compared with the other modern games. I know I may sound like I wouldn’t like it if we did only get HD remakes but I would still love them.

If you would like to see remakes of the first two Metal Gear games let us know your opinion on this in the comments section below. Also let us know what your thoughts on The Phantom Pain that we might see sometime in early 2015.