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Here Are Some Sexy New Images For Alien Isolation

Here Are Some Sexy New Images For Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation

There is a new set of screen shots for Alien Isolation showing off the horror aspects as well as how sexy the game will look

Yes, I did use the word sexy to describe Alien Isolation and the new screen shots that we have been provided. Want to fight about it or just enjoy all the amazing visuals that we have to offer here? I’m going with the latter. If you haven’t invented a way to punch someone through the internet yet then it looks like you are going to have to settle for that as well. Tough titties, I know, but at least we have some cool new shots for Alien Isolation. Let there be peace for that.

I will however take the time to point out the oddity that I tried to explain in my Alien Isolation hands on. If you ignore the blandness of the androids in the images, doesn’t it look like the other characters in the game are also very bland? The alien looks amazing. Amanda’s hands look as amazing as the gear she holds. The environment looks top notch. Why do the other survivors look very low quality?

Maybe Creative Assembly just ran out of time to make the other ‘living’ NPCs look just like everything else in Alien Isolation? Maybe this is also a version of the game that is still being polished and prepped for full distribution. That is what I am going to go with in the hopes that everything gets higher resolution models added in the final version. I’m sure that the horror and AI gameplay will make us glance over this once we get into the world of Alien Isolation but it stands out to me like a sore thumb on a cat right now. A human sore on a cat…

We still have a few months until Alien Isolation launches, October 7th is still the date, so we may be seeing things up-scaled soon. Until then that will remain my only gripe. None the less, have a look at all the sexy images for Alien Isolation and maybe make a wallpaper or two.