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Shadow Of The Beast Looks Re-Imagined As Another God Of War

Shadow Of The Beast Looks Re-Imagined As Another God Of War

Shadow Of The Beast

A little history lesson here. Back in the very late 80’s and early 90’s there was a game called Shadow Of The Beast that also spawned two sequels. Lesson over.

Now in the coming year(s) here we are getting a “Re-Imagining” of the game exclusively on the PlayStation 4. That is really the all the information that has been announced so far outside of the following teaser trailer. Not even a developer and I think it is safe to assume that Sony will be publishing it, but who knows. So let’s sit back and speculate based on what we get to see here.

The fuck… Am I the only person who sees a new skin for Kratos? We’ll assume the main character’s name is Aarbron as it was before for this, but everything sans the head and hands is a Kratos clone. The clothes are almost exactly the same. The animations are also identical down to the haunched breathing motion when Aarbron is idle. The spinning to attack looks quite a bit like Kratos swinging the Blades of Chaos and the Sword of Zeus. I would not be surprised if this is where Santa Monica Studios is going with the franchise after forcing it into a corner at the end of God of War 3.

That also makes a bit of sense if we stack on the fact that there was a new title in the works from the studio that has yet to be named. Even if they are working on this or another studio at that, you can’t ignore the extreme similarities. Hells, I was waiting for the end of the trailer to see Aarbron’s head struck and have it shatter off to reveal Kratos beneath. We’ll have to wait and see as usual but damn. It is so close it hurts.

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