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Here Is The Not-So-Shiny inFAMOUS Second Son Collector’s Edition

Here Is The Not-So-Shiny inFAMOUS Second Son Collector’s Edition

inFAMOUS Second Son

We Have A Look At The inFAMOUS Second Son Collector’s Edition And A Short List Of What You’ll Be Getting For Your Buck.

Ah, the collector’s edition and how it is becoming the normal thing in the gaming industry. Not to be left out, it has just been shown what we will be getting in the inFAMOUS Second Soncollector’s edition. Just in case you need to see what you can spend an extra $20 on I have included a trailer below. Before that though I will list out the items thusly shown in said trailer so you can get the break down before you see that actual items showcased by Vanna.

Here’s your list.

  • The game
  • Delsin Rowe Jacket Game Case
  • Twin Eagle Bottle Opener
  • Badges/Buttons
  • Collectable Coin
  • Delsin Rowe Beanie
  • Cole’s Legacy Mission DLC

I don’t know about you but this seems kind of lame on the side of collector’s editions go. It does have a few cool things to show off your love of inFAMOUS Second Son to the world but I am not overly impressed. Isn’t this supposed to be the version that rakes in the dough or gets all of us gamers clamoring for the biggest and best? It’s supposed to be the edition that makes us want the game even more that we are willing to pay the higher price for a game that we have yet to prove itself. You know, because the extra merch makes a bad game better.

Wait a second, maybe Sucker Punch and their marketing team now something we don’t. Like the fact that inFAMOUS Second Son is already awesome and they don’t need special bullshit like a huge statue to make us forget the game is bad. Hmm… Interesting pondering is it not? At least that is why I would like to think that they would include a game cover that doesn’t fit into anyone’s gaming rack and a beanie that most of us won’t wear outside of gaming conventions. Be honest; what I say is mostly true and you know it.

Here’s hoping that my pondering is correct and that inFAMOUS Second Son doesn’t need flashy gimmicks to sell itself and it will just rely on the fact that it is a top notch title for the PS4. We will be finding out here in a few weeks time I guess. Here’s that video as promised.