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The Sights, And Mostly The Sounds, Of Alien Isolation Are Amazing

The Sights, And Mostly The Sounds, Of Alien Isolation Are Amazing

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation has a new developer video out showing off all the time and effort Creative Assembly has put in.

A lot is riding on Alien Isolation making up for the horrors that the franchise has gone in. Horrors not in the good way for those just looking into what I am talking about. From what I have seen so far from Creative Assembly on this front has been extremely exciting and will hopefully right a horrible wrong that has taken place in the past. But that is all in the visuals and limited gameplay that we have seen so far. Also a bit of how awesome things are literally sound in game.

Well, low and behold, we have some new footage of Alien Isolation as well as how the dev team is working to keep the sounds creepy and on par with the original film franchise. It is way more on the sounds than the sights though so don’t get too excited to see much new in game footage. So sit back and have a watch and a good listen.

Not only is the audio for Alien Isolation shaping up as it should be but it is awesome that the dev team is looking at making the audio part of the gameplay as well. Even though the video below doesn’t show that playing out very well it will add to the immersion of the horror in Alien Isolation. This is something I fell in love with Outlast and the same technique looks to be making the jump here even though none of the teams are the same.

I am eagerly awaiting October 8th even more now when Alien Isolation hits the shelves. Let us all hope that Creative Assembly keeps up the good work here.

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