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Six Days In Fallujah Updates Us More On How War Is Uncertain

Six Days In Fallujah Updates Us More On How War Is Uncertain

Six Days In Fallujah

More content is out there for Six Days In Fallujah that offers up new maps and elements to bring Fallujah further to light

The war keeps waging on with the Early Access for Six Days In Fallujah, and we now have another massive update to add into the mix. An update that has Victura adding in three new missions in the Jolan Park area of it all. Something that sounds a bit odd for a game like this, but Highwire Games has been doing the diligence to get the recounting of things from those that were in Fallujah and the horrors they experienced in the mix of it all. All so we can have a better experience on the PC and then the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S when the game is ready to launch out there. A game that is very telling and eye-opening for many who have not been in the chaos of a real war out there.

This new update for Six Days In Fallujah gives us three new missions and highlights how terrifying it is to head through an open-air park that may or may not have insurgents hiding among the rubble. Along with new missions that will take us into the vast tunnel systems that were built between homes to lean more into the chaos some of these real-world soldiers had to go through. While this is a first-person shooter titles, Six Days In Fallujah is definitely leaning into the real horrors out there by offering up how terrifying things can be when facing off against the true monsters out there. That being other humans that have different, and sometimes more radical thoughts, than our own. Thoughts that they will use to try to help you end with all of your living.

Six Days In Fallujah — Jolan Park Update

Victura and Highwire Games released three new missions for the first-person tactical shooter Six Days In Fallujah, nearly doubling the content in the game.

In Jolan Amusement Park, your team will aim to secure the open-air park by destroying mortar emplacements hidden throughout the park, while insurgents attack from hidden spaces and tunnels. Beset on all sides by the enemy, long sight lines, and sketchy cover, you must emerge victorious.

Next, in Objective Virginia, You need to defend “Crazy Horse,” an M1 Abrams tank pushing deeper into the city from insurgents, vehicle-borne IEDs, and spotters looking to detonate deadly munitions before you find them.

Finally, in West Manor, an Al Qaeda headquarters riddled with the smell of torture must be secured. As you aim to control the building, insurgents leverage tunnels to escape capture, flank, and ambush you as you clear the location and head for the extraction point. Don’t turn your back for a moment in this incredibly tense scenario.

All three maps are available now, with more content and modes coming in 2024.

All of the above may sound like snark, to a degree, but I am fascinated and excited to see the final product for Six Days In Fallujah. When I mention horror here, I am also not trying to go with the traditional style we see in video games, but how the procedural generation of the maps are there to give us the real sense of terror these soldiers had when kicking in doors or searching buildings for other humans bent on causing pain to the world. Now we are adding in tunnels and an amusement park in Six Days In Fallujah, which should add to all of the chaos even more. At least if you can take all of this in as those that truly lived the terror of all of this. That is what we all have to remember; this is all truly based on real events and not loosely as many other media likes to present things.

Have you been playing Six Days In Fallujah in Early Access so far or did you need more content to get you back into it all? Do you see the true terror in the world through this game or have you been heading in with the idea of it being another shooter? What do you think we will see next in the mix and how will that highlight the horror of war to another degree? Take to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to offer out there for it. We are going to keep up on Six Days In Fallujah as best as we can, so please keep checking back for those updates and the many others we are going to have along the way.

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