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Have A Sneak Peek At What Amazon Game Studios Has In Store For Us

Have A Sneak Peek At What Amazon Game Studios Has In Store For Us

Amazon Game Studios has put out a trailer showcasing some of the upcoming titles for the Kindle Fire and Fire TV. Here’s a sneak peek.

Amazon has revealed their new Fire TV today and with that Amazon Game Studios has put out a ‘sneak peek’ at the games that we will soon be able to play on those Kindle Fires and Fire TVs. These of course are in addition to the Sev Zero and Sev Zero: Air Support that are already part of the new set-top library. Other titles, by the way, include NBA 2K14, The Cave, and The Walking Dead but that is not what we are showing off here.

If you continue your gaze below you can see a nice montage of titles from Amazon Game Studios that are slated to be available. There are no names, which is kind of weird, but there is a slew of in-game play. Most of them do look to be like bigger versions of Android games or downgraded games from other systems but at least it is something. Here, take a watch.

The Amazon Fire TV is currently available for $99 and offers a whole bunch of other things besides gaming but admit it, you are here just for the gaming. I guess we’ll have to see how this all pans out. Also have to see if this is going to be more for a casual kind of gamer or if it will make the leap to larger titles via a streaming style service. Who knows? At least we have another reason to post a montage video. You know you love montages.

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