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So Dead Island: Epidemic Was Announced. Here’s What We Know

So Dead Island: Epidemic Was Announced. Here’s What We Know

Dead Island: Epidemic

So with Techland working on Dying Light it kind of surprises me to hear about Dead Island: Epidemic. Just how do they have the time? Oh wait a second…they aren’t working on this. Also this is a ZOMBA title for the PC. That makes a bit more sense now even though it does lower my interest a little bit.

While we have been promised more as we roll into Gamescom, here are all the details release outside of the game’s genre. Obviously it is set in the world of Dead Island and Riptide. The game will pit three teams of players against each other to survive whatever is going on in the game’s world. Lastly, it will be a free to play PC title. Oh great, there’s another term a lot of us don’t like to here.

With what has been announced so far and with the short time since the release of Riptide, Dead Island: Epidemic is starting to feel like just another title to try an capitalize on the franchise’s fame. Hopefully that means that there is another full blown title in the works but only time will tell. In any instance, you can head on over to deadislandepidemic.com to see a nice splash screen, sign up for the newsletter, and wait for it to be updated after Gamescom.

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