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Son And Bone Is Announced And Looking To Place Cowboys Against Dinosaurs

Son And Bone Is Announced And Looking To Place Cowboys Against Dinosaurs

Son And Bone

A new first-person shooter, Son And Bone, has been announced with Son And Bone giving us the best of the gunslinger along with some dinosaurs

Get ready to experience another of the dart board video games out there with the announcement for Son And Bone. I say dart board as the premise of the game feels like TeamKill Media threw a few darts to build their story around while working on a first-person shooter. At least, it is not hard to assume that the reason we have cowboys versus dinosaurs in Son And Bone was not born from this style. Not a terrible thing, but something that seems to be a trend in my view of it all. Not to mention, this is not the first game in recent years that have gone out to mash dinosaurs as the antagonists against something else that we all enjoy.

Kidding aside, Son And Bone is a new FPS title on the way to the PS5 where we will play as Sheriff Sam Judge. A sheriff who is setting out to bring some justice in the world when Sam is pulled into a different world. One where dinosaurs still roam the land and there is still a lot of ammo for us to shoot them all with. Maybe that is due to the fact that we also get to see some of the dinosaurs in Son And Bone evolved into a humanoid state too. Have a look and see what the announcement is all about for the game and if it will be more than throwing things at a board and seeing what sticks out there.

Son And Bone — Announcement

When a local farm in Patchwork, MT is attacked by a group of notorious bandits, Sheriff Sam Judge sets out to bring them to justice by any means necessary and save the hostage they have taken. But on his journey, through the mysterious motives of those he pursues, Sam finds himself transported to another world overrun with prehistoric creatures, dinosaurs, and now must fight for his life to make it back to Earth.

Son And Bone is a first-person shooter coming 2024 to PS5.

I might have sounded a little harsh toward Son And Bone out the gate, but it does feel like the premise is following a trend of other games where it is now something versus something. Now that the zombie and vampire trains have gone the course, it seems it is time for dinosaurs and lizard men to hop on in. As long as Son And Bone is actually fun to play, I will be all for it. My worry is that it just feels as if it is slapping two things together for the fun of it and hope that players will find the weirdness to be entertaining while the rest is a by-the-numbers shooter for us to explore. It is due out in 2024, so we might not need to wait too long to know better.

What are your thoughts on Son And Bone as it all stands and do you think it is more than just a dart board title we are getting? Will this other world be just like the current Earth but only if dinosaurs lived and evolved into the humanoids we see here? Will this all boil down to a weird alien thing instead and thus explain how our Earth technology carries over into this one? Fight it all out in the comment section below. If we learn more for Son And Bone, we will share it all here. Please keep on coming back to the site to see and hear about all of this as we head into the future more.

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