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Sony Is Trying To Make Up For That PlayStation Outage

Sony Is Trying To Make Up For That PlayStation Outage

Sony has just announced how it is going to try and appease all of those gamers who were affected by the PlayStation Network outage over the holiday week

If you were like me then you were most likely not able to play online games on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 over the holiday week as some asshats thought it funny to take down both the PSN and XBL. Not only did it make things hard for all of those gamers who received their new consoles for the holidays but it also forced people to leave their families to fix the issue. I hope that Sony and Microsoft compensated those poor individuals well for saving the day. More so than how Sony is trying to fix the issue with all of those affected by the outage. I still don’t get why online functionality is required for non-online titles and services that don’t need anything but a network connection but whatever.

Anyways, Sony is looking to make things feel right because of all of this. I don’t think they really need to do a thing outside of shut down the aforementioned asshats but I won’t turn down free stuff when it is being thrown my way. Before you get all excited like what Sony did the last time the network was shut down as hard as it was, the offer isn’t near then level but still a nice gesture. Especially since I have yet to hear if Microsoft is giving back to their fans and consumers in the same way. That is as of yet so things could change.

Here’s how PlayStation fans are getting back according to Sony Network Entertainment VP Eric Lempel.

PlayStation Plus Membership Extension — Anyone who had an active membership or free trial on December 25 will receive a membership extension of five days. This extension will be applied automatically. In the event that your membership or trial ends before the extension becomes available, you’ll still receive the five extra days of PlayStation Plus.

10-Percent PlayStation Store Discount — Sony will offer a 10-percent discount code to all PlayStation Network users that is good for a one-time discount of your total PlayStation Store purchase. Sony will announce more details about this offer later this month.

Like I said, not the most mind blowing thing ever but it is better than most companies would ever do. I’m probably only going to benefit from the extra days of PlayStation Plus personally but given the fact that the service kicks back over a $1000 in free games over the year, those extra days can mean quite a bit. Especially if you are about to lapse and don’t have the funds to keep the PlayStation Plus fun rolling. Thanks Sony even though all of this might have sounded snarky.


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