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Sounds Like Guest Characters Could Be Coming To Mortal Kombat X

Sounds Like Guest Characters Could Be Coming To Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X

In an interview with Mad Catz during EVO 2014 Ed Boon spoke about the possibility of guest character DLC for Mortal Kombat X

It seems a bit odd to be speaking of guest characters for Mortal Kombat X when we only had the game’s seventh main character announced during EVO here recently. None the less the people from Mad Catz decided to ask the question of “guest characters” during one of the live streams from the event even though Ed Boon mention a whole bunch of new characters Mortal Kombat X. It makes no sense to ask the question but they did and we got the answer of sorts.

While it is not a confirmation of anything, Mr. Boon noted that Freddy Krueger and Scorpion where tow of the highest downloaded characters in Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice (respectfully) and that it seems to be a bit of a “tradition” in the franchise since then. So, seeing as it has worked out for the studio in the past it should work out well if there were guest characters in Mortal Kombat X. That should expand the roster insanely once we get all of the shipping characters for Mortal Kombat X out there and then see what extra trendy characters they could fit into the universe.

If you want to see the Mortal Kombat X interview, you can see it just below.

I would be lying if I wasn’t interested in getting a few other characters into the Mortal Kombat X mix after the game launches. Hells, I would even take a few of the current DLC characters and upgrade them into Mortal Kombat X; like Freddy Krueger or even Jason Voorhees. I just don’t want something quickly added in to make a quick buck based on popularity. You know, because the new Superman Vs. Batman film will be coming out shortly after the release of Mortal Kombat X if it keeps its early 2015 schedule.

Since it has now been brought up, who would you like to see guest star in Mortal Kombat X if it is a thing? I know it would be kind of cool to see some of the Arkham villains like Scarecrow or an exclusive PS4 version with Hades from God Of War. Then again, seeing that character in anything would get me to drop cash with the quickness…

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