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Sparky Marky Is Out On The Prowl For Do You See Sparky?

Sparky Marky Is Out On The Prowl For Do You See Sparky?

Do You See Sparky?

A new prologue for Do You See Sparky? is out there to help get us all ready to see what Sparky will be doing in the full game

Those waiting to see what Do You See Sparky? has to offer out there when it launches have a new chance to see what could be coming in the full game. If you are on the market to get into this new PC title from Clapperheads, you can check out a new prologue for the multiplayer title. This one will be a new single-player experience to get us into the world and mindset of the game. As long as you are down to download the new little experience called Sparky Marky. If you want to uncover some of the mysteries out there for the game before the rest of the gamers out there while getting a bit of an introduction to the title’s titular character in the mix.

This new thirty-minute prologue for Do You See Sparky? will have us all taking on the role of an investigator that has headed out to solve the mystery of things. We get to run around this new location for the game while solving puzzles and trying to stay alive in this abandoned camp out there. All while keeping away from Sparky as we are running around in the dark or things. You can download this little experience as of right now after seeing what it will hold for us just a bit lower down. Get ready for some new indie horror out there in the world. It looks like it will be another wild ride for us all to behold.

Do You See Sparky? — Sparky Marky

Welcome to Sparky Marky, the single-player prologue for developer Clapperheads’ upcoming multiplayer horror title Do You See Sparky?. Explore a children’s recreational camp in the hopes of uncovering the mysteries buried within. But beware: Sparky is awake, and the monster inside is hungry.

In this 30-minute prologue, you take on the role of a young investigator looking to get to the bottom of the mystery of Sparky. Solve puzzles and use gadgets to unlock clues that will help you solve the mystery. The abandoned camp certainly fits the stories that you’ve heard about Sparky, but will you uncover its secrets in time? In addition to giving players a feel for the world of Do You See Sparky?, Sparky Marky introduces you to the titular Sparky, although it’s recommended that you keep the introductions brief. While he may seem cuddly on the outside, who knows what terrible evil is lurking within…

Key features of Sparky Marky include:

  • Welcome To The Nightmare: Get the first-ever hands-on experience with the upcoming first-person multiplayer horror title
  • If The Walls Could Talk…: Discover the first threads of a mystery that runs deeper than you could even imagine
  • The Game Never Ends: Find clues hidden in the prologue and input them into the official Do You See Sparky? Discord channel to uncover even more secrets!
  • Make Sure You Can See Sparky: You are never alone within these dimly lit corridors and strange liminal rooms. Sparky will make sure of that.

Do you think that Sparky Marky will be a perfect showing of what the final game will hold or is it just more promotion for the final game? How will this single-player experience build into the multiplayer experience when all is said and done? Will this be more of a showing of how the puzzles will be solved in the main title or more for the horror side of things we will get to experience soon? Take it all into the comment section and discuss it all as you so wish. When we get more for Do You See Sparky?, it will be shared here for you. Please keep checking back in for all of these updates and many more things that are in the pipeline.

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