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Stargate: Timekeepers Opens Up The Gate To Launch Us Into

Stargate: Timekeepers Opens Up The Gate To Launch Us Into

Stargate: Timekeepers

The launch of Stargate: Timekeepers is finally here so many Stargate fans can live out more of what the IP has to offer

Well, that has been one silent rid up to now as those looking to play Stargate: Timekeepers on their PC can do that as of right now. Yes, the game is done and Creative Forge Games and Slitherine are ready for us all to enter into a new gate to see what is out there in the world. At least as it goes with the first part of the game with that being all that is ready for now. The second part of Stargate: Timekeepers will be on the way to us down the line. All of this is worth noting before you spin up the game and think you will be able to see all that it has to offer right out of the gate. A weird release cycle, but we have had so many other titles go down the same path, so it feels like we should be used to it all by now.

Before you get up in arms at all for Stargate: Timekeepers, the second part of the game will come included with your main purchase, you will just need to wait until later in this year to get it. That is why the teams have filled this part of the game with a host of environments and locations to explore in the game. Along with a load of missions and “episodes” for us to play through as we build up our skills at stealth and combat to bring down the Goa’uld. I guess it is a good thing we will have at least seven episodes in each of these parts for Stargate: Timekeepers. So the total sum would be closer to what we have in our standard games out there for chapters and the like. If you need to see how the game actually looks, though, have a gander at the latest trailer to let us all know that the game has finally launched out there. Well, part of the game has officially launched out there…

Stargate: Timekeepers — Launch Trailer

Slitherine launched part one of Stargate: Timekeepers with Episode One free for all to download and play on Steam. The game is divided into two parts, each containing seven Episodes that are full single-player missions set in the Stargate SG-1 universe. This real-time tactics game propels players into the heart of a completely new storyline where time is in short supply and every choice matters as players try to thwart the power-hungry Goa’uld.

Players will need to use a combination of stealth, skills, and combat prowess to succeed on the battlefield. Characters take center stage in Stargate: Timekeepers, with each bringing their special skill set to overcome obstacles, foes, and in-game puzzles. Each Episode needs careful planning and expert use of skills, including “Tactical Mode”, which allows for actions to unfold simultaneously.

Stargate: Timekeepers features a host of different environments, from the lush jungles of “The Resistance” mission in Episode Two to the snowy highlands of the “Crossfire” mission in Episode Four. Episode One plunges players into the heart-pounding chaos of the “Battle of Antarctica,” with the valiant Stargate commander Eva McCain in a desperate attempt to stop the deadly Kull warriors. Stargate: Timekeepers was created by strategy publisher Slitherine in collaboration with Amazon MGM Studios.

Part two of Stargate: Timekeepers will be released later this year. Players who purchase Stargate: Timekeepers will have full access to all Episodes in both parts of the game.

It seems so weird to release Stargate: Timekeepers in the way that they are, but I guess it makes sense to keep the studio and publisher flowing. It is just weird to know that we will have half of the game right now and then in a few more months, have the rest. It feels like they should have just waited a few more months and just give us the whole thing in one shot. Stargate fans have been waiting for the game for so long already, I would like to think that a few more months would not kill them. Even if I am sure that some will just do that so they do not need to end the game on a cliffhanger and then need to wait until an undetermined time to see how it all ends. That or if it will end this year since we do know all of the delays that have been flowing out there for so many games too. We will certainly see how that all goes down now.

Are you one of those Stargate fans who cannot wait until the end of the year to play the whole game or will you hold out until then? Do you find it odd to split the game like this or do you think it will matter since you are not being charged more for the game in the long run? When in the year do you suspect the rest of the game will drop or could we have to wait until 2025 to get the full story? Launch yourself down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we have to offer up for the game. If we get anything further for Stargate: Timekeepers, we will aim to share it here. Please keep on checking the site for those updates and any others we can share with you.

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