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Steal A Look At Some New Thief Gameplay

Steal A Look At Some New Thief Gameplay


Finally we get something a bit more concrete to look at to the public for Thief. As the below video claims we are now getting a good chuck of actual gameplay for the game and it looks…all too familiar. Like way too familiar. Almost like I am watching another title that has had a face-lift to be passed off as another game. Oh, I know now. It looks like the gameplay of Dishonored without the stylized look. I kind of feel like my time was stolen a bit…

It does seem a bit hard to be able to set yourself out as an original in an industry that is so hard to create anything truly original, but this Thief gameplay has me thinking of my time with Dishonored too much. Granted the engine and visuals are way above par when comparing the two, but this has me feeling I will inevitably be playing the same game I already have beaten. Hopefully that won’t be the case, but with the first real outing of gameplay for a game that is slated for early next year, it is not looking so hot.

For all the fans of the franchise I’ll stop with the cynicism for now and let you watch. But do know that I am hoping that it is just this one section of the game that feels like a straight lift from another title. Wait a second…’lift’…theft…Thief. I get it now.

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