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There Is Still Hope For Another Darksiders Title To Come To Light

There Is Still Hope For Another Darksiders Title To Come To Light

Darksiders III

Joe Madureira, former Creative Director for Darksiders, has indicated that the franchise is not dead.

To all of you Darksiders fans out there it looks like there is still hope for another title in the franchise even though the original publisher has gone the way of the Dodo. According to Joe Madureira, you will know him as the Creative Director for Darksiders, “Nordic Games seems very committed to continuing the series.” At least this was part of a recent Facebook posting from the former Creative Director. So that pretty much means that there is a great possibility and nothing set in stone as of yet.

Here’s the full posting in text form so you can see what was said about the future of the Darksiders franchise.

Ok, after going through a ton of the recent posts, I’ve decided it might be better to do a quick update that hits many of the questions rather than answering the same questions multiple times! I had intended to do a FAQ ( and I still plan to soon ) but in the meantime, here’s the short, rapid-fire version. Sorry for being so brief, hopefully I can elaborate soon!

1) Inhuman #2 ships May 28th I believe. I am much happier with issue 2 than I was with issue 1! Hope you guys like it.

2) Artbook– I’m as shocked as you guys are that I haven’t done this yet. It’s on my list. I really would like to get one out soon. Getting an Online store in place where you can order prints and such, also on my list!

3) Battle Chasers– You guys are killing me!!! I miss the characters and would love to return to it soon, but not until I can commit to spending some serious time on it to make it awesome, and I have a few projects in the way. I have considered bringing on a different team to take it over, but honestly, I would like to do it myself if it’s going to happen. Stay tuned.

4) DarksidersDS is not dead!!! The new owner, Nordic seems very committed to continuing the series. As far as my involvement, I can’t say at this point. Hopefully we will all have exciting news about the franchise soon!!!!!!

5) Art/book reviews – Right now, I don’t have the time unfortunately to review artwork. Sorry As you can imagine, it takes some time to respond in detail with a full review, and anything less than a full critique probably isn’t that helpful. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still post links, you never know, just don’t get frustrated if you don’t get a response right away!

6) Commissions- Right now I’m not taking any!

7) Conventions- I will announce any appearances on this page, but as of right now, I’m doing very few shows this year. Most likely I will be at SDCC. I’m sort of trying to stay in the cave and getting work done this year–hopefully I will be out promoting stuff next year!

8) Thank you so much for the ongoing support! I’ll post more soon!!

He sure likes his ‘!’ huh? It is great news to hear that Darksiders is not just dead in the water. Granted, there is no official announcement stating that it is being worked on but one could expect that one of the directors of the first title wouldn’t go to web and proclaim it is not dead unless there are at least talks in the pipeline. Unless he just want to stir up enough fan support to get a new Darksiders title in production now! You know, showing Nordic Games why he should be brought back to keep his baby going for many years to come or something like that. It makes sense to me.

That said, personally I don’t care as long as we get another great installment of Darksiders. Hopefully just an official announcement that things are being worked from Nordic Games will crop up here in the next month.