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Story Time: Ryse Son of Rome

Story Time: Ryse Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome is one of the upcoming launch titles for the Xbox One. Now that we are a month out from the launch of both the console and game let’s take a look at the overall story of the game. Luckily for us it seems that Crytek was gracious enough to give us a nice little story trailer so we can get to know Damocles. Grab yourself a boar’s leg, a glass of vino, and a comfortable seat to hear the tale of this great fallen warrior.

So there is the basic overall story of Ryse: Son of Rome‘s Damocles. I can’t seem to put my finger on it but haven’t we heard this story in another form before? Where? Hmm… Oh yea, God Of War.

I won’t deny that there are some big difference when it comes to the small details, but the greatest general in the land is betrayed and sent back as a ‘spirit’ to enact his revenge on those who have wronged him. You can change the colors and basics all you want, but plain and simple Ryse: Son of Rome‘s story is so close to Kratos’ ongoing tale I can’t be the only one who caught this. Then again most people who will be playing Ryse most likely have never played GoW.

To be fair this is all based off this short trailer for Ryse: Son of Rome and the GoW franchise, at least in story, has slumped a bit since Ascension so maybe a new ‘telling’ could work. I know I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit more interested in Ryse now that I know there is potential to have a good story, ripped off or not. Before it looked like a basic hack ‘n slash just set in the Roman era.

Also, let’s be honest, the Romans did just steal the best aspects of the Greek’s and rework it for their own needs. Thinking in that manner then, Ryse: Son of Rome could be something majorly to look forward to on November 22nd. Expect a rant if I am just playing the Xbox One’s version of God Of War though.

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