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Story Time: Thief — Stories From The City [Thief Taker General]

Story Time: Thief — Stories From The City [Thief Taker General]


We have a new story trailer for Thief. This one focuses on the Thief Taker General and why he does what he does.

Thief is quickly approaching its launch date. Everything I have seen to date pretty much mimics the gameplay of multiple other game. Not a big deal as long as Eidos-Montréal has lifted the better part of the gameplay but that does mean that they really need to focus on story of this Thief if they want to keep the franchise going and the fans happy. Usually it is the innovation in my book that does that for a franchise but I am also a different cat than the rest of you.

The usual drivel for Thief out of the way now, here we have a bit more of the game’s story. Well more along the lines of more character background for what sounds to be one of the bigger antagonists for Garrett and the populace as a whole. That is the Thief Taker General; a commander of the Baron’s Watch who is hell-bent on capturing and hanging all of the thieves in the city. His ‘white whale’ of course is Garrett. Not too shocking or this character would be a background NPC more than anything if he wasn’t trying to hunt down the master thief himself.

Enough out of me though. Here’s the trailer in its animatic style glory. Hopefully this story will help Thief steal our hearts on February 25th. Or at least blend in well with some already proven gameplay mechanics. Only a short time now.

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