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Styx: Master Of Shadows Will Make You Believe In Goblins…

Styx: Master Of Shadows Will Make You Believe In Goblins…

Styx: Master Of Shadows

A new trailer for Styx: Master Of Shadows has been released to show off the main goblin doing what he does best

Last month we were able to re-watch the E3 gameplay for Styx: Master Of Shadows and it looks to be the perfect Thief-like game to me. Now we have a nice little extra look at a bit of gameplay and a bit more on the story that will be taking place during the game. It isn’t all that much more but it is something for what I am seeing as a sleeper hit coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC this upcoming September. I just kind of wish we had a more direct release date for the game but we have the month at least.

Seeing as there isn’t much to say about Styx: Master Of Shadows currently that we don’t already know, I’ll just leave you to the trailer for now. So watch and enjoy and continue reading if you care to after you check it out.

So it would seem that in Styx: Master Of Shadows the humans don’t believe in a creature that is over 200 years old. Also a creature that has been stealing and killing for that amount of time too. That seems a bit odd but I am sure the game’s narrative will cover all of that once we get to dig into the story of Styx: Master Of Shadows. Hells, we may even get to see a bit more here in the coming months as it is only two months out from the projected release date. There are only so many days in September and July is almost over after all.

As I’ve said in my previous coverage of Styx: Master Of Shadows I am excited to get a game that looks like the Thief reboot but looks to play much better and have a stronger story. Not to mention better visuals for a PS4/XB1 title. I’m serious; look at Styx: Master Of Shadows and then load up some footage for the latter title and you can easily see the great differences between the two. At least I do…

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