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Super Nintendo World Will Have Us Trying To Power-Up Our Experiences

Super Nintendo World Will Have Us Trying To Power-Up Our Experiences

The new Super Nintendo World is offering us some new wristbands to dive further into the Super Nintendo fun

All of you Nintendo fans need to start gearing up for the new Universal Parks experience out there. We already know it is going to be opening up its warp pipes for us to go in on February 17th, but now we have a new look at what else the new Super Nintendo World is going to offer up. There is the food, the meet-and-greets, and the new AR ride to experience. Now we get to see how they are making things more tactile by offering up new Power-Up Bands to wear. In a post-Covid world, it is a little hard to think about how good of an idea this is, but we are getting the option and we can dive in for it. More so, since this will be sticking around much after everyone feels safe to touch everything out there again and to the various other parks that will be using it. There is more than just this new one out there.

This new wristband we will be able to buy at various places around the new Super Nintendo World will be integrated into various blocks, activities, and parts of the rides in the area. All so we can collect digital coins and collectibles, track our progress on Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, find more stamps, and make some of the interactive elements out there function. All while looking stylish with one of six different Nintendo character logos on our wrists. There is no Dry Bones sadly, but maybe when Halloween comes about. All of this is to allow for participants to also collect keys out in the land so they can unlock a special challenge with Bowser Jr. in the park. A nice little Easter Egg to have that will have its own rewards too. All for the assumed $30 price point based on what we are seeing for the Japanese version of these. One of those other parks you can visit and use them with too.

Super Nintendo World — Jump Into The World Of Super Mario

Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday, February 17, so let’s take a closer look at the land’s exciting Power-Up Band, a fun interactive component designed to help guests level up their experience during their visits within the land.

With the grand opening date quickly approaching, here’s a topline overview of the Power-Up Band and its functionality.

These wearable wristbands sync with Universal Studios Hollywood’s official free downloadable app and function as a complement to the land’s many interactive elements. The Power-Up Band is available for purchase in six design options with character themes, including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and Princess Daisy; choosing a particular character also defines which Team guests will be a part of.

With the use of a Power-Up Band, guests can elevate the overall experience by competing against other teams to achieve the highest score throughout the day by collecting the most digital coins. To see who’s in the lead, guests can check their personal and team scores by linking the Power-Up Band to the app or by referring to the Checkpoint Screens located within the land.

When riding Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, guests are encouraged to tap their Power-Up Band on the ride vehicle’s steering wheel. By doing so, they can track digital coins collected as well as gauge their ranking against friends and family, when synced to the official Universal Studios Hollywood app. The Power-Up Band will enable guests to enjoy Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge over and over again in an attempt to beat their best scores.

The Power-Up Band also unlocks additional gameplay activities and experiences, such as collecting digital coins and stamps when completing milestones within the land. Checkpoints positioned within Super Nintendo World will enable guests to track their status against others. Guests can also amass keys after winning Key Challenges from Goomba Crazy Crank, Koopa Troopa POWer Punch, Piranha Plant Nap Mishap, and Thwomp Panel Panic – collecting at least three of them will ultimately allow access to the final boss battle with Bowser Jr.

While meet-and-greet interactions with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach are accessible to guests visiting the land, the Power-Up Band may provide an enhanced experience with the characters. The Power-Up Band, however, isn’t a required purchase to enable guests to enjoy Super Nintendo World.

The Power-Up Band will be available for purchase within Super Nintendo World and guests are welcome to download the official Universal Studios Hollywood app prior to visiting so the fun can start from the moment they warp into the land via the giant green pipe. The Power-Up Band will be available for purchase, beginning February 17, at Super Nintendo World retail shops located in the theme park and on CityWalk.

Which of these Nintendo characters will you be looking to get on your wrist at the park or will you be looking for another down the line? Will it be a little weird to have to go around, touch, and punch various things in the park given the state of the world or is this a sign of things moving back to a status quo? Will only those that have unlocked the keys for the day be able to enter the Bowser Jr. challenge or will anyone else get to follow along inside? Let us know what you are thinking about these bands and what they offer up in the comments below. There is more to come for Super Nintendo World and we are trying to get on-site to check things out in person for you. So, please keep checking in on the site for all of those updates and all the others we can get for various attractions like this.

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