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Superhot Looks To Be All About The ‘Bullet Time’

Superhot Looks To Be All About The ‘Bullet Time’


A new Kickstarter campaign has begun for Superhot from Superhot Team. Yes, you read that right.

It looks like we get to see yet another Kickstarter Campaign make or break development and this time it is for a title names Superhot. This is another FPS game made by a development team that also has the same name of the game; Superhot Team. It looks like this team is looking to get funding so they can finish what they started during 7DFPS. For those who don’t do internet searches that is a ‘game jam’ where teams try to build an FPS title in under a week. Looks like Superhot was almost there and now the team needs to go a bit further.

I would be quiet now and let you watch the trailer or go over to the Kickstarter for Superhot but it may be a bit easier for me to break it down for you here before you do.

So what is the idea behind Superhot? Picture an FPS title where nothing in the game moves unless you move your character. That goes for enemies, bullets, and well everything. You see a shot fired and you can stop it in place as long as you don’t move. You can then plot how to get out of the way and return fire and then act out your plan. So ‘Bullet Time’ is more of the overall game mechanic and not just a feature here. Looks to be an interesting gimmick if I do say so.

Now that has been explained a bit, check out the trailer and if you like what you see hop on over and back the project. It’s games like Superhot and all of the other great demos out there that make me wish I had a PC that could run the damned games.

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