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Supernormal Is Creeping Its Way To Our Screens Very Soon

Supernormal Is Creeping Its Way To Our Screens Very Soon


Another psychological horror title, Supernormal, is on the way to us all with Supernormal kicking things off in the New Year

The walking sims are back in action again with the showing we have for Supernormal. Not a title that has been hidden for a while out there, but one that will be hitting the PC on January 8th, 2024. One that will be another in the lines of titles inspired by Allison Road or P.T. out there. Not a terrible thing at all, but it feels like this should be its own genre of video games by now. All so we can better place Supernormal in the mix while getting ready to have some extra frights dropped on us as we walk around a normal-looking house. All with some realistic looks and feels to it, just as the many other titles in the genre run.

You can see the new gameplay for Supernormal and see how Detective Wyatt is in for something horrifying while out there searching for someone’s lost daughter. A case that brings our detective into the normal apartment out there, which also happens to be holding some dark secrets too. Those secrets most likely being that the dead or evil spirits of the lands have made the choice to terrify any and all that come looking. A flimsy premise, but that does not change the fact that Supernormal does look like it will try to turn some of the normal horror tropes around on us all so we can get jump-scared just a little better now.

Supernormal — Gameplay

Watch the unsettling gameplay trailer for Supernormal, an upcoming psychological horror game inspired by Allison Road. The trailer showcases an exploration of a creepy apartment and a terrifying surprise. Supernormal will be available on PC on January 8, 2024.

Supernormal is set in a seemingly ordinary apartment harboring dark secrets. Play as Detective Wyatt, tasked with unraveling the disappearance of Masato Sakamoto’s daughter. Search for clues and unravel the sinister truth.

I am not kidding when I say that we need a new genre type for games like Supernormal. From the setting, lighting, and basics of it all, calling it just a walking simulator is not fully correct. That said, being placed in a modern and traditionally normal location that has lighting issues while entities try to end us all feels as if it is so overused that we should name it something specific. Playable Terror-sim or something like that so we can keep the P.T. part of it all. Maybe Supernormal will offer up massive different takes and we can just with that and then add the “-like” after the name so we can best describe a game where we walk, shine lights, and scream when there is a loud noise.

Have you had your eye on Supernormal before now or did you need some new gameplay to pull you back into it all? Will this offer up more than the other titles that came before it or will it be just walking around a spooky house with a flashlight? What would you name this genre so we have something catchier to describe all of this for those who do not have the full experience with these games? Take those thoughts and all others into the comment section to discuss it all. We will have more for Supernormal in the coming weeks, so please keep coming back to see and hear about all of that as it drops out there.

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