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Supernormal Is Launching More Terror Into The World Right Now

Supernormal Is Launching More Terror Into The World Right Now


Supernormal has launched out there and we have one more reason to think about giving Supernormal a solid try

The horror walking simulations have another entry into the genre today with the launch of Supernormal. This would be that title that was inspired by Allison Road which was inspired by P.T.. Since, you know, everyone needs to have a game that will never be truly made. Ignoring that, we can now see how the next entry to the style and genre can play out on the PC with Supernormal getting that full launch out there. It is time to get spooky at the start of the year. For those who need a little refresher, though, we also have a nice little trailer for us to follow the bloody footprints of.

In Supernormal, we will get to play as a detective who is looking into a disappearance so we can give a family some kind of closure. This is why we are entering into the creepy apartment that will not only keep us trapped but also throw some mind-bending puzzles and reality-bending loops for us to wander about. All while trying to not be killed by the entity within. An entity that we will get to speak to in Supernormal by using our microphones. A weird and new trend it seems horror video games are taking here. This could lead to some good conclusions out there or could lead us to some horrible demise. Nonetheless, we can do that all as soon as we are done watching the following release trailer for the game to get us all spooked out.

Supernormal — Launch Trailer

Bloody footprints, a creepy apartment, and more await in this terrifying launch trailer for Supernormal, a psychological horror game inspired by Allison Road. Supernormal is available now on PC.

Supernormal is set in a seemingly ordinary apartment harboring dark secrets. Play as Detective Wyatt, tasked with unraveling the disappearance of Masato Sakamoto’s daughter. Search for clues and unravel the sinister truth.

I was unaware until now that Supernormal was going to lean into the microphone use in the game. Specifically, that we will get to communicate with the ghost we are seeing in some way. It is unclear how deep of a conversation we will be able to have, but it could lead to a neat little interaction in the game. At least if it is like it was in P.T. where we had to say something to trigger the next phase of the haunting. That would make Supernormal need to shine with that kind of work, though, so we do not end up walking in circles trying to call out while the game does not register we are doing that. Kind of like the other voice recognition items we have in the real world…

Have you been counting the days until you were able to play Supernormal or did you space that today would be the launch day? Is it weird to claim one game is inspired by another when the title was inspired down a deeper rabbit hole? Will the voice recognition truly work or will it just verify you have said something and then press forward with the story? Take to the comment section to discuss all of this and then let the world know more of your thoughts. If we have more to offer up for Supernormal, it will be here on the site. Given our love of the horror genre, there is likely to be a whole lot more to come.

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