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Take The Pledge And Watch The Order 1886 In Action

Take The Pledge And Watch The Order 1886 In Action

The Order: 1886

There are a few new videos out for The Order 1886. A story trailer and a gameplay trailer. We have the both for you here.

The wait is over and we have some new footage for The Order 1886. Not only do we have a new ‘Story Trailer’ but we also have a bit of spliced gameplay for this 3rd person action shooter. I know you are as excited as I am for this, so I’ll keep it short and sweet for now and let you get down to watching what Ready At Dawn has put together for us in regards to The Order 1886. Join me after the videos below for a little more commentary.

The Order 1886 Gameplay

The Pledge Story Trailer

So there we have it. The Order 1886 in all of its current glory. What is worth noting as that before all we had was an amazing CGI trailer the people over at RaD have found a way to blend the CGI cut-scenes with the actual gameplay without harming performance. As we get better engines like the Snowdrop and Unreal 4 I think those lines will blur at an exponential rate but it is still damn impressive here as this was done in house by the studio in what feels like a short time.

I can’t wait to actually see how The Order 1886 will play in my own hand but it definitely looks like it will be amazing. Now hopefully the 3rd person cover and story will match the impressive visuals and we will have one solid title. They already have mixed things up with the standard QTE as it can change certain outcomes based on your actions and reaction so there is some great promise that The Order 1886 will be one of those titles that defines the PS4 moving forward.

What sayeth you?

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