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Tame A World Gone Wild With The Karakuri In Wild Hearts

Tame A World Gone Wild With The Karakuri In Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts

Look into the weapons and tools in Wild Hearts that will have us out there hunting more things down in Wild Hearts

Here we go to harness the energies of nature and all of the technology out there in Wild Hearts. At least, that is all based on the latest view of the game that Omega Force has to give us all right now for the game. Unless you wanted to wait until February 17th, 2023, to see it directly instead. That option is yours to have, but that does not change the fact that we have something new to look at for the game to get us all ready. As long as you have the interest to play Wild Hearts on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC when the time comes. With all of that, let us dig into the latest we have to look at for the game.

This new gameplay segment for Wild Hearts dives a little deeper into the tools and weapons we will be using. Along with a variety of traps that we will be setting down while on our various hunts in the game’s world. We even have a little bit of a traversal moment where it looks like we will have some platforming in this co-op monster-hunting game. You have to love when we get loads more in a game than we have expected before. Even if it is still a little murky on what is truly going on in the story of Wild Hearts at this point. Not a huge issue with that, but it would be nicer to have a better understanding of why we are going about doing what we are doing in the game. We will just have to hope the next video offers up some of those answers.

Wild Hearts — Gameplay: The Power Of Karakuri

Harness nature’s energy to power the ancient Karakuri technology in Wild Hearts. Both weapons and tools, the Karakuri can be shaped into many forms. With them, you can set traps, react to attackers, and deliver devastating damage to the mighty Kemono. But you can build as well as destroy. Gathering resources, training, and swift travel are just a few of the Karakuri’s many constructive uses.

Master ancient tech to hunt down giant beasts. Wild Hearts is a unique twist on the hunting genre where technology gives you a fighting chance against fearsome beasts infused with the ferocious power of nature itself. Take on these creatures alone or hunt with friends in seamless co-op.

Developed by Omega Force, the Japanese studio behind the Dynasty Warriors franchise and in partnership with EA Originals, Wild Hearts takes you on an epic adventure set in a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan.

The hunt begins on February 17, 2023.

Do you like this new technology we are getting here in Wild Hearts or would you like a better explanation as to what is going on in it all for now? How is it that this ancient tech is working better than anything now and will we have our minds blown in the story to explain all of this? Will this all lend to a better co-op experience or can that get a little too crazy to try to manage with more than one person in the mix? Tell us what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. More for Wild Hearts should be on the way to us, so please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else that we will have to offer up along the way for you all.

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