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Tekken 8 Opens Up A Bit More With Zafina & Lee Chaolan

Tekken 8 Opens Up A Bit More With Zafina & Lee Chaolan

Tekken 8

More characters fill out the roster for Tekken 8 also with a nice little look at how Tekken 8 will open up to us all

It looks as if we have the final characters to add to the list for Tekken 8 with over thirty characters coming out when the game launches on January 26th for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. A rather large roster and one that has plans to keep growing down the line with Bandai Namco teasing us with the next to come before the game has even launched. Good to know that they are not going to just leave us all hanging for picking up the character pass. But I digress, as this is about the fact that we have Zafina and Lee Chaolan joining the fight in Tekken 8 to try to bring more diversity to the roster than we might have had already. Maybe…

Before we take a look at the new characters in action, we have the opening movie for Tekken 8 to start off with. The nice little video that will play when you load the game for the first time and you will, most likely, skip each other time you opt-in to play the game. It is a bit of a mash-up of all of the character trailers we have had over the lead-up to the launch of Tekken 8 with a little bit of the story sprinkled in. None of the cliff-throwing, but that will be in the main story. All of this, though, leads up to telling us that Eddie Gordo will be the first DLC character this coming Spring. A mainstay to the IP for a while now but a DLC character to force further spending on the game.

Tekken 8 — Opening Movie

Take a stand against your fate.

Watch the Tekken 8 Opening Movie 👊

Pre-order Tekken 8, available January 26 🤜

Now that we are done there, here we go with a look at Zafina and Lee in Tekken 8. The first is a mystical stargazer who seems to have a demon living inside. The other is more of an assassin of sorts who likes to use explosives. Not what I would have expected to see in a Tekken title, but this is from someone on the outside looking in after so many years. I am sure it all makes sense to the hardcore fans and having the thirty-plus characters will lead to some new innovations and ways to experience what the full game has to offer up out there. Have a look at these characters and get ready to wait one more week to get to experience them all.

Tekken 8 — Zafina Gameplay

Your fate is already decided.

Zafina the Mystic Stargazer unleashes her power in Tekken 8!

Tekken 8 — Lee Chaolan Gameplay

Marvelous 🌹 The Silver Haired-Demon Lee Chaolan makes an explosive entrance in Tekken 8!

Where do you stand on the DLC for Tekken 8 and how it is already flowing out before the game’s launch? Do you like the new characters we had added in just before or did you want to see Eddie make the final cut before launch? Will you actually sit through the opening movie of the game more than once or will you try to skip it and get right to the fighting the first time you load it up? Tell us all of that and more in the comments, then let the discussion fly. If we have more to offer for Tekken 8, we will share it on the site for you. You just need to stick around and keep a close eye on all of it so you fully know what is going on out there.

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