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Terror Is Further Blooming Out There For The Last Of Us

Terror Is Further Blooming Out There For The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us

Split your head open more for The Last Of Us with a new look at the Clickers for the game and The Last Of Us show

Just when you thought you might have known everything for The Last Of Us Part I, we get more little nuggets of wisdom and knowledge from the teams to give us more. It makes sense with the HBO show hitting as hard as it is and opening up Naughty Dog‘s story to even more fans out there. It is not just those new fans, though, as it looks like there is even more hidden from us all from the first release of The Last Of Us that they have been using in the show. This time it is for the infected and specifically the Clickers in the game and, recently, show. Spoilers are ahead for those that have not been able to keep up on either until now. Nothing massive but it could take away from the initial impact of the terror that the new world is giving us with the live-action side of it all.

If there is one of the more iconic creatures in the game, it is the Clicker, and they were just introduced into The Last Of Us show with the latest episode. Fairly close to how they were in the game. The only big difference is that the show needed to modify things and how they were handled outside of the video game setting. Obviously, in the show, there are no health mechanics and other things that we can get in the video game. At least if we want to have a more grounded story. The Clickers are still as deadly and dangerous in the show, do not get me wrong, but it is interesting to see how the script and action needed to be modified so we are kept in the story and can see the event in The Last Of Us playing out in the real setting. If that is not your cup of tea, though, there are some fun new concept pieces for the original looks of the creatures that we never were able to see in the game. All are used now to better bring those horrifying creatures to the screen for us. Along with the iconic audio from one of the original actors for them.

The Last Of Us — Episode 2: Blooming Terror

In the second installment of Naughty Dog’s new series, Building The Last Of Us, developers from the Naughty Dog team dig into some of the creation of one of The Last Of Us’ most well-known enemies: the Clickers. Developers from Naughty Dog and PlayStation dig into the art, sound, animation, and origins of bringing the Clickers to life in The Last Of Us, including insight into the iconic sound of Clickers, the way The Last Of Us’ Clickers move, and a look at never-before-seen Clicker concept art.

Additionally, in episode 2 of Building The Last Of Us, Blooming Terror, executive producers from HBO’s adaptation of The Last Of Us Part I, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, discuss the philosophy behind adapting action from The Last Of Us games into the live-action version of The Last Of Us. Druckmann discusses his TV directorial debut with The Last Of Us’ second episode on HBO, and one of the original voices of the Clickers reflects on the enduring legacy of these foes as they make their live-action debut.

How do you feel about the look and feel of the Clickers in The Last Of Us show after seeing it all? Does it make sense to allow for the different actions to ground the story more or should they have made up something, as other adaptations have, to explain why the characters can heal quickly? Do you think that all of these concepts should have been used before now or do you like the game versions over the show versions? Discuss it all as you so wish in the comment section below. There is a lot more to come for The Last Of Us over the coming months, so stick close to the site and our socials to see and experience it all with us.

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