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Because That’s How PlayStation 4 / Xbox One People Are

Because That’s How PlayStation 4 / Xbox One People Are

The Latest South Park Episode Wraps Up The Ludicrous Thoughts On The PlayStation 4 Vs. Xbox One Console War…In My Opinion

A few years ago, around the launch of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, there was a huge controversy over an acronym that was being used as a promotional piece for the game. Fight Against Grenade Spam was the tag for those that don’t remember. They caught a lot of flak for it from the media and at about the same time the brains over at South Park Studios put out an episode, The F Word, which summed up my feelings on the matter.

As we move into the new consoles coming out here in a matter of days, one for the PlayStation 4 and eight for the Xbox One in NA, I have been seeing more and more on this gens ‘Console War’. You know you are out there fan-boys/girls. I despise the term in general as why does it matter who’s preferred gaming format is better as long as you enjoy it yourself? Just as I was about to honestly do a commentary on my thoughts on it all it would seem that I was beaten to the punch again by those brilliant minds over at SPS.

Last night aired what seems to be a two part episode titled Black Friday. While there is also quite a bit of commentary on many other things like the insanity that is Black Friday, The Elmo incidents, and Game Of Thrones, one of the bigger things I took away was the insanity and brand loyalty that comes with every new launch. The best part being a phrase I have actually heard uttered in real life, “That’s how [insert console] people are.” Instead of just focusing on having fun they all have to try and convince everyone else why their brand is the best and why they should swap loyalties.

If you’ve read or listened to my thoughts since I began writing on this site you should know that I am not one for brand loyalty. I do have my preferred platform, as that platform has never faulted or stopped me from playing games, but I will play whatever on whatever as long as it fits my tastes. Kind of the opposite of what happens with most people and also the jabs being made in the show.

All in all if you are a fan of South Park or not but you are a gamer I would say take a watch of the episode as it might give you a better look at how ludicrous the whole ‘Console Wars’ concept really is. We should all just have fun…and look out for gay/soft nonthreatening wieners in Game Of Thrones.

Watch It Here

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