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The BioShock Infinite DLC Is Announced. Is It What Was Originally Promised?

The BioShock Infinite DLC Is Announced. Is It What Was Originally Promised?

BioShock Infinite

Here we go. Just the announcement that everyone who was a fan of BioShock Infinite has been waiting for; the DLC. Seems odd that so many people were pining for this DLC yet normally get pissed when publishers announce some cool little thing is going to end up being DLC at some point. So let’s take a look at what is coming out/out at the time of publishing this story.

Now I clearly remember being told that we were getting new story DLC out the gate or at least shortly after the release of the full game. It looks like we have here is more or less “challenge maps” instead. So I get to focus more on one of the aspects of Infinite that I didn’t enjoy as much as I was hyped to enjoy? Why not just add in a multiplayer mode while you are at it? I was looking for something that actually expands on the whole game experience not just loading the game back up for a few hours here or there.

Clash In The Clouds is currently out for all versions of Infinite and you season pass holders most likely already have it downloaded. If you are a fence sitter that doesn’t have a season pass, here’s a trailer to try and sway you to by this combat DLC.

Moving on to what I remember being originally talked about at BioShock Infinite‘s launch; story DLC. Some actual real substance to get me to want to spin the game back up. Even though it doesn’t take place in Columbia, it takes place in Rapture, I am more excited about the fact that we will get to control Elizabeth in this DLC. Granted, that most likely means that Booker will have the power to open rifts instead unless Irrational reworked their core game mechanics to allow the player new abilities that were AI controlled before. Not likely, but we’ll see I guess.

There is no word on when this DLC will be out as of yet, but there is a nice trailer showing what the alternative world version of Elizabeth will look like as well as a bit of Rapture. I have a feeling that this will be coming out just as people are getting bored with the above “challenge maps” but I hope for sooner as this is what I am really looking forward to in the terms of DLC for Infinite.

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