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The Black Glove Is Now Coming To The PS4

The Black Glove Is Now Coming To The PS4

A new trailer for The Black Glove and PS4 support has been announced from the former Irrational Games devs

Looks like there has been another huge update to The Black Glove even though the Kickstarter campaign is still about $400,000 short of being funded. It looks like enough people have asked for it and The Black Glove is also slated for a PS4 release on top of the PC release already stated. Of course that is if they get funded or find some kind of outside funding if the campaign fails. I guess all of those people excited for The Black Glove better get funding the project or better get hoping that Day For Night Games can get the project complete without the high asking price.

Let’s move on from all that downer stuff and look toward the new trailer for The Black Glove that shows off very little in the way of new gameplay footage or much from the project. That is at least outside of the weird and eerie world that is being created for the game. Some of it looks very Hideo Kojima inspired but still very odd and original for The Black Glove. Here, have a look at the “new” trailer for The Black Glove.

The Black Glove — New Trailer

Like I said nothing too much in the way of new footage for The Black Glove. The game is still in the works and not even funded yet so it makes sense but then again why even cut a new trailer? Yes, they need to try and promote to get more funding but pretty much showing everyone what they’ve already seen doesn’t do it for me. Why not have a developer Q/A or something like that to further push The Black Glove? Less end user extrapolation and more of the team telling us how it is would be my personal hope. I doubt that will happen unless the game is funded and they have the time to do so but that is my two cents on the matter.

Let’s face it though; I am more excited that The Black Glove is slated for a PS4 release pending the fundage though. It looks like it could prosper and handle better with a controller in hand in my opinion. If nothing more that announcement does make it more likely that I will give The Black Glove the old college try if it does come to full fruition.

The Black Glove

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