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The Bloody New Gameplay Is Out There Now For Killing Floor 3

The Bloody New Gameplay Is Out There Now For Killing Floor 3

Killing Floor 3

See the first gameplay for Killing Floor 3 and get a feeling of how far Killing Floor has progressed up to now

We have had a lot of teases and a lot of looks at the creatures coming for us in Killing Floor 3, and now we get to see how some of that is going to play out. During the PC Gamer Show, Tripwire Interactive dropped us a nice bit of gameplay to experience out there for the game. One that is still in some early stages of Killing Floor 3, but something to help us understand where the game is and how it will flow out to the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2025. As long as the team keeps up a lot of the great work here and fixes a few of the little things we can spot during this gameplay. It is an alpha build of things, so there are bound to be a few minor issues to see…

In this new gameplay for Killing Floor 3, we get a lot of the fast-paced and bloody action that the IP is known for. Some of the guns are used and we get to see a few of the melee attacks that we can employ while the swarms of creatures keep on coming at us. All so we can end with a look at one of the bigger enemies coming at us in Killing Floor 3 with some impressive visuals to go along with it. Have a look at it all now and see what you think before we dive into a few of the basic issues we were able to spot along the way. Things that could be an editing choice but still feel like things we will see in the final game.

Killing Floor 3 — Gameplay

Take a detailed look at gameplay for Killing Floor 3 in this action-packed trailer featuring Nightfall’s commando, Mr. Foster, as he and his teammates execute a coordinated plan to infiltrate and reclaim an army depot overrun by Zed hordes.

Killing Floor 3 – coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S in Early 2025!

While I am impressed with how Killing Floor 3 is looking here, it does look like the creature AI and actions might need a bit more work to get right. Many of them seem to have the most basic of actions or they work on Kung-Fu logic. That being to wait for the hero to finish with one creature before coming into attack again. This pops up when we see our character stabbing one in the head while the rest just stand and wait. Maybe there is some extra time-dilation going on in Killing Floor 3, but this feels like a move that we should only pull out when it is clear to do so. Then we see how the hoards attack a location we are no longer in before turning to attack once we have made it clear. Again, this could be how the video was clipped but it also feels like something that the team may need to focus on or explain a bit more before launch.

Are you amped up after seeing the gameplay for Killing Floor 3 or do you want to see more in a final form before getting too excited? Do you think these are features in the game or some slight bugs that video editing was trying to cut around since it is still in an early stage? Could we be getting some extra time-dilation abilities or function in the game to better explain some of this and we are just way off on things for now? Take to the comments and fire off any of those thoughts you might have. We are going to keep the news for Killing Floor 3 flowing on out there, so please keep on checking in for all of those updates and the many others we still have to come.

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