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The Callisto Protocol Will Have You Fight Until You Die

The Callisto Protocol Will Have You Fight Until You Die

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Riot mode is here for The Callisto Protocol as we get ready to fight off many waves of enemies in The Callisto Protocol now

It is time to go deeper into the Black Iron Prison in The Callisto Protocol with the newly released Riot Mode for the game. This is another of the modes that takes us a bit out of the core loop that Striking Distance Studios had for us in the game and into another wave fight where we do slightly better each time. It does keep us all neck deep in The Callisto Protocol, sure, but does not feel like the game that we all signed up for out the gate here. It is what it is and now we have a new mode to spin up on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC. Whichever platform you opted to get the game on when it launched last year. Let us have a look at what is about to be experienced here.

There is a bit of gameplay here for this new mode in The Callisto Protocol, but as it all looks, it will be just constant waves of enemies that get tougher and tougher as the waves continue out there. All so we can earn more credits and unlock more cosmetics and other upgrades to try to make all of this a bit easier as it goes on. Just as many of the horde or wave modes go for video games out there. This one is all just in The Callisto Protocol setting and with all of the enemies we have learned about in the core gameplay loop we had before this new update. With any luck, though, this will keep the gameplay going and maybe lead us all to a new title down the line. I guess, we will have to wait and see.

The Callisto Protocol — Riot Bundle

Venture into a previously undiscovered area in the depths of Black Iron Prison filled with hordes of biophage in Riot Mode. Fight through increasingly difficult waves of enemies, earning credits to unlock powerful upgrades and purchase health and resources to help you survive. Complete objectives to earn a temporary special ability granting unlimited ammo and GRP charges that instantly kills enemies to give you the edge in battle.

Have you been holding out for a good update to come to The Callisto Protocol or did you leave the game behind already? Is the wave mode added in bring you back into the game or will it be something you skip as we wait for the cosmetics to drop on us? What do you think we will see next for this game or the developer? Let us have that discussion down in the comment section and then keep it going until we all know more. When we have anything else to drop for you from The Callisto Protocol, we will do so here. Please keep an eye on the site and our social accounts to keep up-to-date for all of this and much, much more. We are going to keep doing our best to get it all to you.

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