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The Chainsaw Incident Looks Like A Fun, Indie, 2D Fighter

The Chainsaw Incident Looks Like A Fun, Indie, 2D Fighter

The Chainsaw Incident

Here we go with another fighting game called The Chainsaw Incident. It looks like a throw back to the original 2D fighters with a bunch of chainsaws…

If you like chainsaws and fighting games The Chainsaw Incident might be right up your ally. It is a new ‘indie’, 2D fighting game in the works from Crazy Piranha and Or1go for the PS4 and PS Vita. Below we have a bit of concept art and a nice and shiny teaser trailer for The Chainsaw Incident. Feel free to check them out.

I am completely in love with the art style that they have taken with The Chainsaw Incident but the actual gameplay looks insanely sluggish and slow. It was almost like they were trying to take things slow to be sure to capture the best look of the game but it really doesn’t do anything positive for it. It really looks like they had one player just standing there waiting for the other player to pull off some amazing move instead of having an actually fight and lucking out that something amazing happened and hit.

As a fan of the fighting game genre I will not give up on The Chainsaw Incident just for the art alone but hopefully the next video we get to see will actually make the game’s mechanics look spectacular and not just two n00bs trying to get something to post with the PS4’s Share button. Correct me if I am wrong.

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