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The Elseworlds Are Opening Up For Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

The Elseworlds Are Opening Up For Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

The post-game content for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is starting to get revealed with a new member coming to the Suicide Squad

While we are still waiting for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League to launch on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on February 2nd, it looks like the team is looking forward already. That is, Rocksteady is already working on the post-game content and the first “Season” of DLC that will be coming for us after we beat the main story of the game. All so we have a new story section to play along with a new member to join the Suicide Squad using their Elseworlds set up in the game. This way they can bring any character into the Arkham universe that they want. Even if they are dead. Hence why we are going to be able to see The Joker back in the mix of things in this world.

This is all from the latest, and final, entry to the Suicide Squad Insider series that they have been pumping out. We get a look at some of the other customization and ways that we can expand our characters but the bigger focus being that this March we will get the first new character with The Joker which should also bring more story missions for the Suicide Squad to head out into along with new gear, strongholds, and environments. This is also how they plan on bringing in more characters for us to play with while keeping the canon of the stories set in place. Even if I am still waiting for that big Dogwelder announcement that they might not be brave enough to bring into the fight against Brainiac.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League — Introducing Elseworlds

Warner Bros. Games and DC debuted the third and final episode of the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Insider video series, treating fans to a closer look at Rocksteady’s upcoming third-person action-shooter.

Suicide Squad Insider Episode 3 details the game’s free post-launch seasonal content, which Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League owners will be able to enjoy at no extra cost. To keep the adventure going following the main story-driven campaign, each season will be themed around a different DC character and incorporate alternate realities invaded by Brainiac known as Elseworlds. Beginning March 2024, Season 1 will feature the arrival of The Joker, in the form of an Elseworlds twist on the iconic DC Super-Villain. Equipped with a rocket-powered umbrella to frantically launch himself through the air and surf across city rooftops, this new version of The Joker will join the fight with unique combat, traversal abilities, and weaponry.

Below is a list of the free content included in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Season 1:

  • The Joker as a New Playable Character
  • New Joker-Themed Playable Environment
  • Two Episodes with New Missions, Activities & Strongholds
  • New Boss Fights & Enemy Variants
  • New DC Villain-Themed Weapons & Gear
  • New Riddler Content

For future Seasons 2-4, fans can look forward to three new playable characters, three new playable environments, new weapons, themed gear sets, activities, mid-season updates, and more.

In Suicide Squad Insider – Episode 3, viewers are also treated to an appearance from actor Jason Issacs, the voice of Brainiac in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, who provides additional insight into the character’s motivations and ultimate plans. Moreover, the video further breaks down the game’s social features and four-player cooperative mode, with tips on how players will be able to express themselves in-game through character customization options, outfits, rival taunts, and emotes, as well as co-op specific rewards and competitive elements such as global leaderboards.

Outside of jumping right into The Joker right out of the game for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, this does feel like a poor version of the character at that. Maybe that is just based on how it all looks in the early development stage, but that is how it feels. Not to mention that he will be getting around with a rocket umbrella in the mix of things. Something that feels so out of place for the character, but it is what we are getting. It does look like we have a few teases for the next three characters in the mix here for the Suicide Squad as we dig into the post-game a bit more too. I am seeing a possible Mr. Freeze or maybe a Captain Cold here. I guess it is good to see that they do have a lot of free content planned but this is not the first time we have seen this for a game like this.

How do you feel about The Joker coming to the Suicide Squad down the line out here? Do you think this will actually add in some solid story and gameplay or will it just be more of the same grind just with a new character? Do you think we will get any of the truly weird characters in the mix or will it be more of the ones that have been massive in the Arkham story so far? Take all of those thoughts on down to the comment section and feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. More will be on the way to us all for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, so please keep on coming back here to see and hear it all. There is a lot more on the way to us as they have already stated.

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