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The Evil Within Is Making Every Last Bullet Count

The Evil Within Is Making Every Last Bullet Count

The Evil Within

A new walk-though video for The Evil Within has been released showing you all of the tips and trick you’ll need to use to survive

As was to be assumed with The Evil Within only weeks out from launch, it looks like we have a “how to survive guide” to show us all the key features we will need to rely on to make it from start to finish. I’m not too sure on why this seems to be the standard with games and their launches as of late but it just is. The bonus here though is that this video shows off a load of new gameplay for The Evil Within to go along with all the helpful tips.

If you watch the below video you will see such tips as “make every last bullet count” and “when in doubt burn the bodies.” All the good rules that we have learned in every horror film and video game over the last three decades. As if things would change for a horror title like The Evil Within but Bethesda and Tango Gameworks wanted to make sure that we were all ready for the insanity when it comes out on October 14th. Also, as I mentioned, new gameplay to pine over and gawk at.

Then again, this is all written in mind that you are a horror and fear buff like myself. Let’s face it, if you are excited for The Evil Within then you really should be. Either that or you will always be playing the victim. Maybe that is why we have this new look at The Evil Within? You know, to make sure that all the crybaby scaredy cats are prepped for how to make it out alive; or with their mind still intact…

The Evil Within — Every Last Bullet

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