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The Evil Within Has Had Yet Another Release Date Change

The Evil Within Has Had Yet Another Release Date Change

The Evil Within

During the Bethesda conference at Quakecon there was an announcement of a third release date for The Evil Within

Unlike what will happen when playing The Evil Within, calm down. This is not another piece of bad news for The Evil Within but it is a bit of good as it was let loose that the game is now coming out a week earlier now. That means that evil will be taking hold on October 14th now instead of the 21st. That is as long as Bethesda doesn’t change their minds after what they claimed at Quakecon here recently.

Like I said this is amazing news to me as it means I will be playing The Evil Within that much sooner. Yes it is just a week but that is something. Just as I will be putting down Alien Isolation I will be able to pick up The Evil Within to keep the horror, terror, and fear rolling in the month dedicated to just that. Just as it should all be if I do say so myself.

With this new announcement of The Evil Within I am hoping that we will be getting a bunch of new videos and details for the game out of Quakecon or Bethesda in general. I absolutely loved what I was able to play for The Evil Within already and I am super stoked to get to play the full game a bit earlier now. October just won’t get here fast enough now that we have a slew of great games on their way.

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